Antennas, Radar, and Wave Propagation    (ARP 2006)

July 3 – 4, 2006
Banff, Alberta, Canada
Editor(s): M.H. Hamza
122 pages
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Track Materials and Structures FreeSubscription
511-008 Design of a Novel Tag Antenna with EBG Structure for RFID of Metallic Object
W.-K. Tsai and K.-H. Lin (Taiwan)
511-018 Free-Space and Waveguide Technique for Determining the Resistivity of an R-Card using the Forward Transmission Coefficient
M.W. Hyde IV, M. Havrilla, and P. Crittenden (USA)
511-019 Periodically Loaded Wideband Bandpass Filters
H.C. Jayatilaka and D.M. Klymyshyn (Canada)
511-028 EM-based Neural Models for Efficient RF/Microwave MCM Design
M.C.E. Yagoub (Canada)
511-049 Wideband Compact Monopole Antenna with EBG Reflector and Superstrate
R.W. Davies and I.L. Morrow (UK)
Track Radar, Wave Propagation, and Applications FreeSubscription
511-016 High-Order FDTD Subcells using MOR Technique
H.-H. Su and C.-W. Kuo (Taiwan)
511-023 Processing Radiometeorological Data for Terrestrial Electromagnetic Wave Propagation above 10 GHz
V. Kvicera and M. Grabner (Czech Republic)
511-030 Parabolic Equation Modelling of Line-of-Sight Microwave Propagation
R. Akbarpour and A.R. Webster (Canada)
511-036 Multi-Carrier Wideband Radio Channels over Frequency-Selective Fading
V.M. Hinostroza (Mexico)
511-040 Millimeter-Wave Bistatic Radar: Clutter Characterization and SAR Imaging
A.Y. Nashashibi and F.T. Ulaby (USA)
511-041 A Model for Digital Detection of FM-CW Radar in the Presence of Interference
C.H. Bianchi and T.A. Smedstad (USA)
511-046 Periodic Binary Codes with Zero and Small Time Sidelobe Levels
M. Shinriki, H. Takase, and H. Susaki (Japan)
511-047 A Novel Scheme of Microcellular Network for High-Speed Mobile Radio Access
Z. Chen, C. Yu, D. Xu, and A. Li (PRC)
Track Antennas and Antenna Arrays FreeSubscription
511-009 Application of FDTD Method to Analyze a U-Slot Patch Antenna
S.-H. Chen and H.-Y. Chen (Taiwan)
511-010 GSC-based Adaptive Beamforming with Coherent Signals using 2-D Arrays
J.-H. Lee and Y.-H. Lee (Taiwan)
511-011 Synthetic Structural Design and Analysis System of Large Parabolic Reflector Antennas
C.S. Wang and B.Y. Duan (PRC)
511-014 Performance Evaluation of Two Array Factor Synthesis Techniques for Steerable Linear Arrays
C. Rocha-Alicano, D. Covarrubias-Rosales, and C. Brizuela-Rodríguez (Mexico)
511-015 A Circular Polarization Butterfly Shape Couple Fed Microstrip Patch Antenna
H.-C. Lien and H.-C. Tsai (Taiwan)
511-017 Design of Cyclindrical Microstrip Leaky-Wave Antenna by the Leaky Mode S-Parameter Extraction Technique
W. Hong, S.-P. Li, Y.-D. Lin (Taiwan), and T. Kitazawa (Japan)
J. Lee, H. Shim, F. Lee, G.-H. Kim, and I.S. Seo (Korea)
511-029 Temporal Beamforming of Independently Center-Fed Dipole Array for Multi-Position Reception
N. Ni and H. Grebel (USA)
511-035 Development of Reconfigurable Antenna for Simultaneous Multi-Service Wireless Applications
C. Zhang, S. Yang, H.K. Pan, A.E. Fathy, S. El-Ghazaly, and V. Nair (USA)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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The topics to be covered include but are not limited to: Antennas and Antenna Arrays; Smart Antennas; Micro Strip Antennas; Antenna-coupled Infrared Detectors; Micro Machined Monolithic Antennas; Phased-array Antennas; Fractal Element Antennas; Reflector Antennas; Beam Scanning Capability; Photonics in Antenna Systems; MEMS Components; Modelling; Performance Evaluation; Radar; SAR / ISAR; Chaotic Signal Radar; MTI Radar; STAP; Super-resolution Algorithms; Multiple Hypothesis Tracking; Beam Forming; Detection and Target ID Algorithms; Signal Processing; Radar Imaging; Wave Propagation; Satellite Propagation; Atmospheric Propagation; Indoor and Urban Propagation; Audio Propagation in Cellular Networks; Scattering, Diffraction, and Diversity; Wave Penetration; Bio-electromagnetics; Materials and Structures; Microwave Materials; Electromagnetic Properties of Materials; Metamaterials; Periodic Structures; Band-gap Structures; FSS; RF-MEMS; Waveguides; RF Circuit Components; Microwave Metrology; Instruments and Techniques for Measuring Impedance; Noise; Power; Time; Frequency; Voltage; Current; Scattering Parameters; Biological Effects; Computational Electromagnetics; Propagation Modelling; Scattering and Inverse Scattering Problems; CAD; Channel Modelling; Meshing Strategy; Multipole Methods; Method of Moments; Wavelet-based Methods; and Finite Element Analysis.

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