Processing Radiometeorological Data for Terrestrial Electromagnetic Wave Propagation above 10 GHz

V. Kvicera and M. Grabner (Czech Republic)


Radiometeorology, rain, rain intensity, fog, and visibility


This paper is focused on the assessment of real meteorological conditions on availability performance of both radio links operating over 10 GHz and free space optical links. Cumulative distributions of rain intensities obtained by the data processing of four different raingauges over a 1-year period are compared. Relative errors of data processing are given. The real influence of individual hydrometeors on visibility is also examined. Yearly cumulative distributions of visibility due to individual types of hydrometeors and monthly cumulative distributions of visibility due to all hydrometeors together were obtained. Cumulative distribution of visibility obtained for the worst month is analyzed. The results presented can be used for assessment of availability performance for both radio links and free space optical links.

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