A Circular Polarization Butterfly Shape Couple Fed Microstrip Patch Antenna

H.-C. Lien and H.-C. Tsai (Taiwan)


Circular Polarization, Axial Ratio.


This paper presents a Circular Polarization (CP) microstrip patch Butterfly Shape Couple Fed antenna (BSCFA) based on the concept of electromagnetic coupled. A lossless foam material and making use of the special impedance transformer are sandwiched between dual patches of a mixed vertically stacked dielectric substrate structure, the main motivation for this work was to enhance the bandwidths of the impedances and Axial Ratio (AR) bandwidth. The experimental results verify that the proposed antenna has a 33 percent impedance bandwidth for 10dB Return Loss (RL) and 23 percent CP bandwidth for 3dB AR. The antenna gain and the radiation patterns are also reported.

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