Design of Cyclindrical Microstrip Leaky-Wave Antenna by the Leaky Mode S-Parameter Extraction Technique

W. Hong, S.-P. Li, Y.-D. Lin (Taiwan), and T. Kitazawa (Japan)


Cylindrical microstrip, cylindrical antenna, leaky mode, leaky-wave antenna, propagation constant, S-parameter


In this paper, the leaky mode S-parameter extraction technique is introduced and is employed to obtain the first higher order leaky mode of a cylindrical microstrip line and then to design the cylindrical microstrip leaky-wave antenna. Compared with the complicated mathematical derivations of full-wave analysis in cylindrical coordinates, this method involved only simple computation to obtain the propagation constants of the leaky modes from the scattering parameters of transmission lines of different sections. The numerical results of propagation constants and the radiation patterns of a cylindrical leaky-wave antenna are presented.

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