GSC-based Adaptive Beamforming with Coherent Signals using 2-D Arrays

J.-H. Lee and Y.-H. Lee (Taiwan)


Adaptive Array, Beamforming, Generalized Sidelobe Canceller.


The problem of two-dimensional (2-D) generalized sidelobe canceller (GSC)-based adaptive array beamforming with multiple beam constraints (MBC) under coherent signals is considered. We present a new method in conjunction with a recently proposed 2-D GSC-based adaptive beamformer of [8] to deal with the problem of coherent interference. The resulting 2-D GSC based adaptive beamformer can provide better array performance than that of [8]. The proposed method for dealing with coherent interference is based on a combination of the derivative constraints and an iterative matrix reconstruction scheme. As compared to the existing method, simulation results show that the proposed method can effectively mitigate the effect due to coherent interference.

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