Performance Evaluation of Two Array Factor Synthesis Techniques for Steerable Linear Arrays

C. Rocha-Alicano, D. Covarrubias-Rosales, and C. Brizuela-Rodríguez (Mexico)


Phase array, Differential Evolution algorithm, Gauss Newton method.


In this paper, a stochastic search method, the Differential Evolution algorithm and an analytical method, the Gauss Newton method are applied to synthesize a linear array factor focused in sidelobe level. Differential Evolution has proven to be an efficient method for real valued problems. On the other hand, Gauss Newton method has been applied as a generalization for error-based methods which use desired arrays factors. Due to physical considerations, a uniform amplitude excitation of elements is analyzed. For comparison purposes the results obtained are evaluated scanning the main beam over an angular sector to estimate the changes in parameters such as sidelobe level and half power beam width (HPBW). Preliminary results show a promising performance of Differential Evolution, improving the Gauss Newton method. Computational experiments are provided and discussed.

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