Synthetic Structural Design and Analysis System of Large Parabolic Reflector Antennas

C.S. Wang and B.Y. Duan (PRC)


Large reflector antenna, mechanical and electrical synthesis, electrical performance, software platform


Aimed at the separated status of structural design and electrical design in antenna engineering, the collaborative CAD/CAE design and integrated electromechanical analysis system for large reflector antenna structures was developed. It solved the fatal difficulties in automatic grid partitioning of composite structures and the integrated finite element modeling technology in antenna structures. The analysis theory of electromechanical coupling performances of antenna was also researched in detail. The system can assist the structural designers to modify the antenna structural parameters, shape and distribution and give the very requirements about the processing and manufacturing precisions. The analysis results of a 7.3-m antenna show the potential for the improvement of structural design level and the reduction of research cost of antenna structural systems.

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