J. Lee, H. Shim, F. Lee, G.-H. Kim, and I.S. Seo (Korea)


FSS, Electromagnetic Scattering Analysis, DB, GA


In this paper, an optimization procedure based on the data base (DB) and genetic algorithm (GA) is applied to the design of frequency selective surfaces (FSSs). FSS design system proposed in this study derives optimal design parameters through electromagnetic scattering theory on FSS, database implemented from real data obtained from practically manufactured FSS, and GA for optimizing design parameters. This system searches the best matching FSS in pre-constructed DB with given characteristics specified by operators, and then sets initial genes of GA with the searched FSS parameters, which drastically reduces running time of GA. From the appropriately selected initial conditions, GA finds the FSS design parameters that matches the characteristics specified by operators. The optimized results for design of FSS is verified by comparing the calculation results with measurement data.

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