Design and Optimization of an Electrically Steerable Passive Array Radiator (ESPAR) Antenna for Maximum Directionality at 2.4GHz with the Aid of Genetic Algorithms

T.D. Dimousios, S.C. Panagiotou, and C.N. Capsalis (Greece)


ESPAR antenna, beam steering, 3db beamwidth, input impedance, WiFi


In this paper the performance of an electronically steerable passive array radiator (ESPAR) antenna with cylindrical skirt regarding the horizontal radiation pattern and the input impedance matching at 2.4 GHz is optimized with the use of the Genetics Algorithms. A structure with five elements and a structure with seven elements are presented. Due to their limited physical size, these antenna systems can be developed for application in the areas of WiFi and ad hoc wireless networks.

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