Communication Systems and Networks    (CSN 2006)

August 28 – 30, 2006
Palma De Mallorca, Spain
Editor(s): C.E. Palau Salvador
300 pages
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Track Ad-hoc Networks FreeSubscription
543-010 Low-Power Communication for Wireless Sensor-Actuator Networks
Z. Karakehayov (Denmark)
543-019 Context-Adaptive Information Dissemination in VANETs - Maximizing the Global Benefit
C. Adler, R. Eigner, C. Schroth, and M. Strassberger (Germany)
543-045 A Network Management Approach to Wireless Sensor Networks in Personal Healthcare Environments
K.F. Navarro, E. Lawrence, and E. Lubrin (Australia)
543-066 New Authentication Mechanism for Vertical Handovers between WLAN and 3G Network
P.-S. Kim, J.-G. Kim, J.-K. Lee, and Y.-J. Kim (Korea)
543-080 Performance Evaluation of Shortest Path Tree based Dense Mode Ad Hoc Multicast Routing Protocol
T. Kozaka, T. Kato, S. Itoh, and Y. Urano (Japan)
Track Special Session - Wireless Communication Systems and Networks FreeSubscription
543-806 Analysis and Design of an ESPAR Antenna Above Perfect Ground, Wire Grid Plate and Wire Grid Plate with Skirt
S.C. Panagiotou, T.D. Dimousios, and C.N. Capsalis (Greece)
543-807 Design and Optimization of an Electrically Steerable Passive Array Radiator (ESPAR) Antenna for Maximum Directionality at 2.4GHz with the Aid of Genetic Algorithms
T.D. Dimousios, S.C. Panagiotou, and C.N. Capsalis (Greece)
543-809 QoS Protection for IEEE 802.11E in WLAN with Shared EDCA and DCF Access
J. Majkowski and F.C. Palacio (Spain)
543-811 Design and Implementation of the Interworking Architecture between a 3G Cellular Network and New Wireless Broadband Technology
D.S. Woo, S.S. Park, D.H. Lee, J.H. Yu, and J.T. Ihm (Korea)
543-817 Autoregressive Stochastic Modeling and Tracking of Doubly Selective Fading Channels
A.D. Abu Al-khair and M.M. Banat (Jordan)
543-821 Blind MIMO Adaptive Beamforming Techniques for DS-CDMA Systems
M. Hefnawi (Canada)
543-826 MIMO-OFDM with LDPC Codes for Broadband FWA Systems
M.K. Khan, R.A. Carrasco, and I.J. Wassell (UK)
543-830 Finite Difference Time Domain Modeling of an RF-based Technology for the Detection of Buried Pipes: The Ground Penetrating Radar
H. Al Shukri, B. Miller, H. Al-Rizzo, and O. Al Kadi (USA)
Track Telecommunication Technology FreeSubscription
543-009 Automotive Network Standards in Public Transport Buses and Coaches
M. Ángel Domínguez, P. Mariño, F. Poza, and S. Otero (Spain)
543-018 Low Complexity Downstream MIMO Channel Estimation for FEXT Precompensated Vectored xDSL Systems
P. Turcza (Poland)
543-024 Spread Spectrum Radars for Automotive Applications
E. Gambi, G. Righi, F. Chiaraluce, and S. Spinsante (Italy)
543-028 Same-Entity Interference-Aware Retransmission System for TD-CDMA with Random Slot Allocation (RSA)
I. Tamaki, R. Esmailzadeh, and M. Nakagawa (Japan)
543-037 Analysis of Finite Word Length Effects and Frequency Response in Interpolators for Digital Up-Converters
C. Benavente-Peces, F.J. Ortega-González, and J.M. Pardo-Martín (Spain)
543-038 NFC-based Mobile Middleware for Intuitive user Interaction with Security in Smart Homes
Z. Antoniou and D.N. Kalofonos (USA)
543-039 Relay Method of Sending Soft Decided Symbol in Cooperative Communication
Y. Fukuyama, O. Takyu, K. Adachi, and M. Nakagawa (Japan)
543-064 A Comparative Study of Active and Passive Filters in Communication Systems
M. Dousti (Iran) and J.L. Gautier (France)
543-087 Performance and Reliability Evaluation of the S-Band Vienna Satellite Ground Station
W. Keim and A.L. Scholtz (Austria)
543-095 Rapid Prototyping for RF-Transmitters and Receivers
R. Langwieser, M. Fischer, A.L. Scholtz, M. Rupp, and G. Humer (Austria)
543-105 A Novel Mobile Internet Access System Based on OFDM/TDD
S.C. Cho, H.J. Kim, and J.U. Kim (Korea)
Track Networking FreeSubscription
543-031 New Authorizing Binding Mechanism to Reduce Binding Latency in Mobile IPV6 Handover
P.-S. Kim and J.-S. Han (Korea)
543-033 DRAP: Dual-Queue Rate-Controlled Access Point for Multimedia Communications in WLAN Hotspots
R. González and L. Cerdà (Spain)
543-070 Fairer Allocation of Link Capacity Through Information Feedback
P. Österberg and T. Zhang (Sweden)
543-074 LC, A Load Balance Algorithm in MPLS-TE
J.M. Arco, J.A. Carral, A. García, and M. Moreno (Spain)
543-075 Perceived Quality of Channel Zapping
R. Kooij, K. Ahmed (The Netherlands), and K. Brunnström (Sweden)
543-084 A New Group Re-Keying Protocol with Smaller Computational and Key Storage Overhead
A. Nemaney Pour, K. Kumekawa, T. Kato, and S. Itoh (Japan)
543-086 Analysing End-to-End Delays on an AFDX Network by Simulation
H. Charara, J.-L. Scharbarg, and C. Fraboul (France)
543-101 Peer-to-Peer Auctioning with Fairness Incentives
B. Różański (Poland)
Track Content Distribution FreeSubscription
543-027 ProxyTorrent: Content Sharing over Bluetooth Piconets
B. Bakos, L. Farkas, A. Kiss, and P. Spányi (Hungary)
543-034 Sensible Policies for QoS-based Service Discovery Protocols in P2P Networks
A. Núñez (UK)
543-056 Status and Trends of Wireless Web Technologies
D. Gavalas, D. Economou, and M. Kenteris (Greece)
543-062 P2P Middleware based Content Location Discovery in Asychronous Broadcast Type Content Delivery Networks
D. Pakkala, A. Koivukoski, and J. Latvakoski (Finland)
543-078 Peer to Peer Communications Over Hierarchical Mobile IP Networks with Private Addresses using SIP based Signaling
A. Idoue, T. Kato, and S. Itoh (Japan)
543-079 P3Cast: A Hybrid VoD Streaming Architecture of Proxy with Caching, Patching, and Peering for Large-Scale Deployment
Z. Li, J. Wang, and J. Wu (PRC)
543-800 A Novel Method for the Development of Personalized Mobile Tourist Applications
M. Kenteris, D.Gavalas, and D. Economou (Greece)
Track Wireless Networks FreeSubscription
543-020 An Innovative Analysis of Signalling Measurements: Representation in a 'Population-Diagram'
S. Székely (Germany) and S. Máté Kis (Hungary)
543-041 1.2V 300MHz CMOS PLL for Clock Generation in 0.35UM Process
D. McDonagh (UK), K.I. Arshak, and O. Abubaker (Ireland)
543-053 FALCON, A Software Defined Radio Transceiver Concept
A. Vießmann, T. Scholand, A. Hessamian-Alinejad, A. Burnic, A. Waadt, G.H. Bruck, and P. Jung (Germany)
543-057 How to Deploy, Provision, and Store Initial Filter Criteria in an IMS Network
O. Haase (Germany) and K. Murakami (USA)
543-058 Authorization Probability for Adaptive Traffic Load in S-ALOHA under the Infinite Population Model
M.E. Rivero-Angeles (Mexico)
543-094 Research Trends and Issues on VSAT Networks
R.K. Mojumdar (India)
543-805 A Fast Iterative Tap Amplitude and Delay Estimator Design for WCDMA
A. Burnic, T. Faber, T. Scholand, A. Waadt, and P. Jung (Germany)
Track Optical Communications FreeSubscription
543-015 On Limitations of Optical Burst Switching
A.G. Fayoumi (Saudi Arabia) and A. Jayasumana (USA)
543-036 Inter-Vehicle Communication and Ranging Method using LED Rear Lights
T. Saito, S. Haruyama, and M. Nakagawa (Japan)
543-083 A Proposal of Photonic Network using Wavelength Routing with Wavelength Conversion and TDMA with Time Slot Assignment Taking Account of Link Transmission Delay
K. Kurosaki, K. Kumekawa, T. Kato, and S. Itoh (Japan)
543-088 Contention Resolution in WDM Optical Packet Switching Networks using Wavelength Converters and Cascaded Auxiliary Switch
H. Mellah and F.M. Abbou (Malaysia)
543-092 A Heuristic Approach for Efficient P-Cycle Network Design
B.K. Kang, D. Habibi, Q.V. Phung, K. Lo, H.N. Nguyen, and M.M. Lee (Australia)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This conference will be comprised of the following 4 Symposia: SYMPOSIUM 1: Telecommunication Technology • Coding and Modulation Techniques • CDMA Systems • RF Engineering • OFDM Technology • Spread Spectrum Techniques • Communication Protocols • Digital Integrated Services (ISDN) • Channel Measurement and Characterization • Equalization • Modeling and Simulation • Software Applications • Intelligent Interfaces • Augmented Reality • Intelligent Ambience SYMPOSIUM 2: Wireless Networks • Wireless IP Networks • Wireless LAN • Wireless Personal Communication Systems • Mobile Computing • Broadband Mobile Communication Systems • Multimedia over Wireless • Wireless Networks Standards and Protocols • Inter-working of 2G, 3G, and 4G Wireless Networks • Cellular Technology • Mobile Internet • M-commerce • Network Modeling and Simulation • Sensor Networks • Ad-hoc Networks SYMPOSIUM 3: Optical Communication Systems • Fiber Optic Communication • Synchronous Optical Networks (SONET) • IP and ATM over Optical Networks • Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) • Light Sources (Lasers and LEDs) • Transmitters and Receivers • Optical Couplers • High-speed Internet • Applications SYMPOSIUM 4: Networking • IPv6 • Content Distribution Networks • P2P Systems • High Speed Networking • Streaming Protocols • Multicasting • Modeling and Simulation • Congestion Control Mechanisms • High-speed Routing and Switching.

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