QoS Protection for IEEE 802.11E in WLAN with Shared EDCA and DCF Access

J. Majkowski and F.C. Palacio (Spain)


WLAN, CSMA/CA, Coexistence, QoS.


The next deployments of IEEE 802.11 WLAN will involve the coexistence of the legacy best effort stations and the new recently standardised QoS-aware stations in QoS Basic Service Set (QBSS). However, if no control is applied to the legacy stations, this coexistence may deteriorate QoS support provided by the new IEEE 802.11e standard. In this paper the influence of IEEE 802.11b DCF stations on the QoS provision in IEEE 802.11e standard is analysed and a novel mechanism for resource reservation for IEEE 802.11e EDCA stations is proposed.

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