Design and Implementation of the Interworking Architecture between a 3G Cellular Network and New Wireless Broadband Technology

D.S. Woo, S.S. Park, D.H. Lee, J.H. Yu, and J.T. Ihm (Korea)


Interworking Architecture, L2TP, 802.16e, cdma2000, PPP, Seamless Service


In this paper, we suggested new network architecture to provide seamless service between the cellular system and new wireless broadband system such as IEEE 802.16e, called WiBro. The interworking technologies are very important issue because mobile operator should provide service connectivity between various wireless networks based on different access technologies. Moreover, a change and modification on legacy network should be minimized for providing interworking with new wireless broadband network. We were implemented proposed interworking architecture between 3G cellular network and 802.16e network to provide seamless service including interworking unit in real test environment. Also, we performed performance evaluation in hybrid network environments.

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