Finite Difference Time Domain Modeling of an RF-based Technology for the Detection of Buried Pipes: The Ground Penetrating Radar

H. Al Shukri, B. Miller, H. Al-Rizzo, and O. Al Kadi (USA)



A Three-Dimensional (3-D) Finite-Difference Time Domain (FDTD) model of a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system is developed to investigate the feasibility of detecting buried pipes. The model design was based on simulating two real size cylindrical pipes, metal and PVC, placed in a dry and saturated soil. The model is employed to numerically investigate the time-domain electromagnetic (EM) fields scattered in 3-D fashion from deterministic objects due to a Gaussian pulse excitation. This study is motivated by a recent investigation in EM sensing of water leaks to complement an extensive experimental effort currently being undertaken by the Geophysical Group at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock [1], [2]. Four scenarios were modeled to demonstrate the applicability and to verify the numerical solutions using the time-domain solver of the commercial software package: Microwave Studio. Depth effect on signal detection and identification was also investigated. The model and the associated computations are capable of analyzing stratified media with arbitrary number of discontinuities and targets in both vertical and horizontal directions.

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