MIMO-OFDM with LDPC Codes for Broadband FWA Systems

M.K. Khan, R.A. Carrasco, and I.J. Wassell (UK)


LDPC codes, MIMO, OFDM, and BFWA system.


In Broadband Wireless systems, the signal energy is scattered and reflected from objects in the environment, components of the signal arriving at the receiver are spread out over a longer period of time than is desirable. This causes uneven delays in the signal arrival time. The challenge is then to provide a high-performance, reliable data link that can operate with restricted receiver power levels, severe channel fading due to multipath reflections and interfering energy from other devices nearby. In this paper, we have designed BFWA systems using LDPC codes of varying lengths and code rate. We have utilized multiple antennas to create a multiple-input multiple output (MIMO) channel, which can significantly increase the robustness and throughput of communication systems in fading environments, with Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) to mitigate ISI and improve capacity in the wireless system.

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