Low Complexity Downstream MIMO Channel Estimation for FEXT Precompensated Vectored xDSL Systems

P. Turcza (Poland)


MIMO channel estimation, vectored xDSL, FEXT precompensation


The paper presents low complexity, but accurate method for downstream MIMO channel estimation. Having the knowledge of MIMO channel transfer function Far-end Crosstalk (FEXT), which is the major limiting factor in further increase of data rate in ADSL systems, can be completely cancelled by appropriate pre-distortion of transmitted signals. Proposed method is based on SM NLMS and SM-BNDRLMS algorithms which belongs to Set-Membership Adaptive Recursive Techniques. Simula tion results demonstrate that proposed method is very accurate and enabling systems with FEXT pre-compensa tion to approach performance of the ones operating on FEXT free channel. It is also efficient in terms of required amount of training data.

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