Rapid Prototyping for RF-Transmitters and Receivers

R. Langwieser, M. Fischer, A.L. Scholtz, M. Rupp, and G. Humer (Austria)


Telecommunication Technology, RF-Engineering, MIMO, Prototyping


This paper describes a concept of an RFDP (Radio Fre quency Development Platform) for RF-transmitters and RF-receivers. With this platform the time effort for the de velopment process can be reduced and prototypes for dif ferent communications standards which are defined at dif ferent frequencies can be built faster. Also modifications, e.g. if new analog components are available, can be im plemented in short time. A first realization of a transmit ter built with off-the-shelf components is shown. The con cept for transmitter and receiver uses a double heterodyne principle for the frequency conversion and the therefore es sentially double LO (Local Oscillator) is also part of the RFDP and described in concept. The transmitter, receiver and oscillator modules are cascadeable for MIMO (Mul tiple Input Multiple Output) applications and can be used for closed circuits or via air transmission experiments. The RFDP concept was developed and optimized for a dedi cated baseband hardware from ARC Seibersdorf research GmbH [1].

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