Automotive Network Standards in Public Transport Buses and Coaches

M. Ángel Domínguez, P. Mariño, F. Poza, and S. Otero (Spain)


Communication protocols, Automotive networks, CAN, Public transport buses and coaches, FPGAs, Bluetooth.


The electrical circuits and installations in buses and coaches are essential for their good working. Drive, braking, suspension, opening door, security and communication systems depend on the electrical system of the vehicle. The disproportionate length of cable (about 4 Km of cables and 100 Kg of weight in a conventional installation), with more of 2,000 connections per vehicle, generates great difficult and the point-to-point links are not an effective solution. The industrial communication networks are a multiplexed solution for onboard electronics in the public transport buses and coaches. The authors are working in the design and implementation of new modules based on FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) to integrate body and chassis functions in the multiplexed solutions from manufacturers.

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