DRAP: Dual-Queue Rate-Controlled Access Point for Multimedia Communications in WLAN Hotspots

R. González and L. Cerdà (Spain)


WLAN, Hotspot, QoS, videoconferencing.


Recently we have been witnessing a tremendous prolifera tion of hotspots. This public Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) are implemented using the popular 802.11 stan dard. In hotspots, an access point plays a switch role in the sense it forwards packets among nodes inside the WLAN and also to these wireless nodes from outside the WLAN. This causes a bottleneck at the access point degrading the downlink performance in such a way that is very difficult to provide Quality of Service (QoS) to multimedia contents, for instance, videoconferencing. In this paper we introduce a mechanism that may be collocated at the access point to provide QoS to videoconferencing flows in the downlink direction. We show through simulation results that our pro posal is a promising mechanism for solving this problem in WLAN hotspots.

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