Analysing End-to-End Delays on an AFDX Network by Simulation

H. Charara, J.-L. Scharbarg, and C. Fraboul (France)


Modelling, simulation, switched Ethernet, avionics.


As the complexity of avionics embedded systems has grown, in term of rise in number of integrated functions and their connectivity, for both flight-critical items and passen ger entertainment, so has the need for increased bandwidth of on-board data buses. Cost reasons have driven the indus try to explore existing off-the-shelf technologies. AFDX (Avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet, ARINC 664) used for Airbus A380 represents a major up grade in both bandwidth and capability for aircraft data net works. Its reliance on Ethernet technology helps to lower some of the implementation costs, though the requirement for guaranteed service does present challenges to system designers. Thus, the problem is to prove that no frame will be lost by the network (no switch queue will overflow) and to evaluate the end-to-end transfer delay through the network. The objective of this paper is to present queuing net works simulation approach for the evaluation of Worst cases end-to-end delays.

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