P2P Middleware based Content Location Discovery in Asychronous Broadcast Type Content Delivery Networks

D. Pakkala, A. Koivukoski, and J. Latvakoski (Finland)


Networking, Content Distribution Networks, P2P Systems, and Middleware.


This paper contributes a novel P2P middleware based content location discovery solution that is designed to be applied in a request routing system of an asynchronous broadcast type content delivery network (CDN). In this type of CDNs the content is distributed by broadcasting and distribution of content is neither synchronized nor coupled with distribution of metadata. The P2P middleware based solution presented provides a scalable, robust, and fully distributed mechanism for finding content replica locations within a CDN that’s edge servers form a P2P overlay network. The solution incorporates a novel content location discovery and autonomously content indexing mechanism, P2P grouping scheme of edge servers of a CDN are provided. Also the developed P2P middleware solution, its requirements, design, and architecture are discussed to share experiences on special topics needing attention in the development of the solution. Finally, a short discussion on additional application possibilities, future research and extendibility of the solution is provided.

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