Peer to Peer Communications Over Hierarchical Mobile IP Networks with Private Addresses using SIP based Signaling

A. Idoue, T. Kato, and S. Itoh (Japan)


Mobile IP, SIP, private address, regional registration, NAT, roaming


It is widely recognized that All-IP mobile network is a dominant trend. The introduction of IPv6 and Mobile IPv6 will be an essential solution for the address starvation problem and scalable mobility management for mobile nodes. However, it is very important to support legacy IPv4 nodes using private addresses and to realize peer to peer communications such as VoIP. In order to cope with this issue, we propose an approach to realize peer to peer communications in Mobile IP network supporting private addresses. Our approach introduces regional registration of mobile nodes (Hierarchical Mobile IPv4) and coordinates SIP and NAT functions with hierarchical mobility agents. It enables a mobile node to be assigned a global address temporally in a visited network and to establish a session with another mobile node which resides in a different visited network or a correspondent node connected to the global IP network. This paper describes the detailed procedure of our proposed approach.

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