P3Cast: A Hybrid VoD Streaming Architecture of Proxy with Caching, Patching, and Peering for Large-Scale Deployment

Z. Li, J. Wang, and J. Wu (PRC)


Streaming, proxy, caching, patching, p2p


Delivering real-time VOD streaming media to a large number of users consumes significant amount of network bandwidth and server resources without scalability. This paper proposes a hybrid VoD streaming architecture called P3Cast with the merits of proxy caching, patching and p2p peering to overcome this challenge. The P3Cast is a two-level overlay network architecture consisting of reliable Core Network and unreliable P2P Network, where Core Network caches recent VOD objects and acts as a virtual streaming server whereas P2P Network is composed of large number clients with caching and patching ability. In this paper, we depict the fundamental operations of P3Cast system architecture in detail. It is shown that, by caching, patching and peering, P3Cast provides clients the most possibility of sharing VOD streaming and it is a scalable architecture for large-scale VOD streaming deployment.

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