Authorization Probability for Adaptive Traffic Load in S-ALOHA under the Infinite Population Model

M.E. Rivero-Angeles (Mexico)


S-ALOHA, Backoff, throughout analysis, ATL.


In this paper a throughput analysis for an infinite population model for a slotted ALOHA random access protocol to be used in the registration phase in a cellular system is presented. System performance of the system is evaluated for different retransmission policies for high traffic loads using an authorization probability for the Adaptive Traffic Load (ATL) protocol. In this paper we present results using a Poisson arrival process, more suitable for the traffic model in a cellular system for the users in the cell, where these users generate a finite number of packets as it would happen in a real network, and also maintain a constant average traffic load instead of considering all nodes in a retransmission mode. Under these conditions it can be found the retransmission probability for every node in order to maintain the system throughput stable. We study three of the most common backoff algorithms, UB, BEB and GB.

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