On Limitations of Optical Burst Switching

A.G. Fayoumi (Saudi Arabia) and A. Jayasumana (USA)


Optical Burst Switching, Just-Enough-Time Protocol, Just In-Time Protocol, Fiber Delay Lines, Photonic Switches, Optical Communications.


In traditional optical burst switching, an offset time is in troduced between the control packet and the data burst. This time gap depends on the processing time, which varies from node to node, and on the path to be taken to a desti nation from a given source, which may be unknown. An incorrect estimate of this offset time can result in either de graded performance or loss of data. The impact of the asso ciated uncertainty is evaluated. Having the control packet followed immediately by the burst with no offset time in between, makes the protocol more robust. This is realized using a delay line at each switch. The delay-line based architecture in presented for this purpose. The two ap proaches are compared with respect to the robustness.

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