A Proposal of Photonic Network using Wavelength Routing with Wavelength Conversion and TDMA with Time Slot Assignment Taking Account of Link Transmission Delay

K. Kurosaki, K. Kumekawa, T. Kato, and S. Itoh (Japan)


Photonic Network, Wavelength Routing, TDMA, Time Slot Assignment


In recent years, the Internet traffic has been increasing and the Internet backbone needs to have large bandwidth. For this purpose, the photonic network with wavelength multiplexing, wavelength switching and wavelength conversion is considered as an effective way for the Internet backbone. However, since the optical memory cannot be implemented in the current stage, it is impossible to implement time division switching for the photonic network. This paper proposes a new photonic network scheme where a wavelength in an individual link is divided into multiple time slots, and the individual optical signals are arranged so that the timing and the wavelength over individual links do not make collisions throughout the network. The paper describes how to determine the route, wavelength and timing using the linear programming technologies and show some results for lattice style networks.

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