Inter-Vehicle Communication and Ranging Method using LED Rear Lights

T. Saito, S. Haruyama, and M. Nakagawa (Japan)


Visible Light Communication, Inter-Vehicle Communica tion, Ranging Method, ITS, LED, Image Sensor


We propose a new inter-vehicle communication and rang ing method that uses Light Emitting Diode (LED) rear lights and an image sensor. Intensity modulating the rear lights makes it possible to use them not only as lighting equipment but also as data transmitters. The use of an im age sensor yields a system that is stronger against back ground noise than is possible with a single photo diode. The proposed system can measure vehicular gap without the use of radar devices. One of the big advantages of the proposed system is its simple construction. Numerical analysis shows that a 640×480 image sen sor makes it possible to communicate over 70 meter dis tances with a bit error rate (BER) of less than 10−6 in day time, 1400 meters at night. The system can easily discrimi nate several vehicles at the same time from their transmitted ID. For distances of up to 60m, the error margin in measur ing the vehicular gap is smaller than 2m.

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