Contention Resolution in WDM Optical Packet Switching Networks using Wavelength Converters and Cascaded Auxiliary Switch

H. Mellah and F.M. Abbou (Malaysia)


Optical Packet Switching, Wavelength Converters, Contention Resolution, WDM Switch control unit photonic switch Add/Drop Tap Tap Packet input n input 1 output n output 1


Optical buffering is achieved through the use of fiber delay lines (FDLs), offering a fixed amount of delay [2][9]. In this paper, a contention resolution scheme for OPS Networks is proposed. The optical switch is augmented using auxiliary output ports connected to an auxiliary switch through wavelength converters. The node architecture is illustrated and the results of the model show that packet blocking probability is improved using the proposed scheme. In space deflection approach, the packets that lose contention are routed to nodes other than their preferred next-hop nodes, with the expectation that they will eventually be routed to their destination [4][10].

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