A Heuristic Approach for Efficient P-Cycle Network Design

B.K. Kang, D. Habibi, Q.V. Phung, K. Lo, H.N. Nguyen, and M.M. Lee (Australia)


Network survivability, network protection, p-cycle, ILP model, heuristic approach


We propose new heuristic approach for designing surviv able WDM networks based on p-cycles. The objective of our algorithm is to ensure 100% protection while minimiz ing the total spare capacity and reducing computation time. In our approach, we first construct all possible cycles. An adequate set of candidate p-cycles is then selected using a matching criteria between the distribution of the working channels and the distribution of the protected channels on the selected set of cycles. Our results lead to superior per formance in terms of capacity efficiency and computation complexity. The average redundancy results show that our solutions are around 0.31%, 2.58% and 2.37% of variation from the optimal solutions for COST239, EON and USA, respectively, within reasonable computation time.

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