A Survey of Upper Ontologies for Situation Awareness

N. Baumgartner and W. Retschitzegger (Austria)


Ontologies, intelligent agents, situation awareness, context awareness


Situation awareness enables an intelligent agent to deter mine the meaning of perceived information in highly dy namic environments and to share the thereby discovered knowledge. Recently, ontology-based approaches to situ ation awareness have been proposed; some of them facil itate upper ontologies in order to provide a common vo cabulary for collaborating agents and information sources. This paper proposes an evaluation framework for such up per ontologies to elaborate missing features and to develop a better understanding of the diverse concepts involved. To demonstrate the applicability of the evaluation frame work, four upper ontologies providing concepts for situa tion awareness are compared. The ļ¬ndings from this com parison indicate common as well as mutual weaknesses of the examined approaches.

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