Knowledge Sharing and Collaborative Engineering    (KSCE 2006)

November 29 – December 1, 2006
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Editor(s): M. Boumedine, C. Touzet
152 pages
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Track Ontologies, Knowledge Extraction, and Discovery FreeSubscription
532-014 Clique-based Clustering
A.-C. Ngonga Ngomo (Germany)
532-016 Determination of Field Association Words using Word Attributes
U.M. Sharif, E.-S. Atlam, W. Hiraishi, K. Morita, M. Fuketa, and J. Aoe (Japan)
532-069 Knowledge Worker Navigation Space Extraction and Analysis
P. Géczy, N. Izumi, S. Akaho, and K. Hasida (Japan)
532-072 New Event Detection with Time Subtraction and Co-Occurring Words
T. Takaharu, T. Atsuhiro, J. Adachi, and K. Kageura (Japan)
532-073 A Survey of Upper Ontologies for Situation Awareness
N. Baumgartner and W. Retschitzegger (Austria)
532-082 Towards an Ontology based Meta-Information Warehouse Architecture
G. Mansingh, L. Rao (Jamaica), and K.M. Osei-Bryson (USA)
Track Knowledge Management: Experiences and Issues FreeSubscription
532-024 Knowledge Sharing and Collaborative Engineering: SHARED-4-Africa Experiences
K. Ross (South Africa)
532-025 A Challenge for Knowledge Management: Situational and Personal Factors of Influence in Web-based Information Exchange
J. Kimmerle, U. Cress, and F.W. Hesse (Germany)
532-036 Knowledge Sharing and Best Practices: Impacts from Applied Project Supervision
W. Grillitsch, A. Müller-Stingl, and R. Neumann (Austria)
532-041 Application of Literature Induction System on the Bicycle Brake System Improvement
Y.-C. Mao (Taiwan)
532-054 Experiences from Generating Checklists
J.K. Kokkoniemi (Finland)
532-061 Challenges in Implementing a Knowledge Base for Software Problem Management
M. Jäntti and K. Vähäkainu (Finland)
532-064 An Integrated and Systematic Approach for Marketing Intelligence
F.L. Li, C.F. Cheung, W.B. Lee, and S.K. Kwok (PRC)
532-067 MAPROK: A Multi-Agent Architecture to Develop KM Systems
J.P. Soto, A. Vizcaíno, J. Portillo, and M. Piattini (Spain)
Track Challenges in Collaborative Engineering: From Academia to Industry FreeSubscription
532-022 In Search of What is Missing – Needfinding the SIRIUS Way
Å. Ericson, T. Larsson, and A. Larsson (Sweden)
532-048 Functional Product Innovation – Reaping the Benefits of Simulation Driven Design
Å. Ericson, P. Åström, and T. Larsson (Sweden)
532-060 Knowledge based Engineering and Intellectual Property Protection
S. Kleiner (Germany)
532-063 Evaluating Students' Participation in Open Source Software Development with an Annotation Model
R. Charles (France) and Y. Tao (USA)
532-068 Experience Report: Off-Shore Software Development in the Classroom
K. Berkling, A. Zundel, N. Bentiné, E. Rivera, and F. Rodriguez (USA)
532-076 Virtual Meeting Interoperability: Discussing the Need of Support for Heterogeneous Meeting Environments
C. Johansson and A. Larsson (Sweden)
Track Knowledge Sharing and Collaborative Systems: Applications and Technologies FreeSubscription
532-006 Coalition Formation with Unreliable Agents
V. Mashkov (Czech Republic)
532-035 Enabling Effective Collaboration through a Web-Enabled Data Infrastructure
L. Roberts, L.J. Blanshard, R.P. Tyer, and K. Kleese van Dam (UK)
532-039 IT-Mediated Information Sharing in Supply Chains: A Formative Measurement Model
X. Bao and F. Bouthillier (Canada)
532-043 An Analysis of Knowledge Sharing Structures WITHIN Modification Culture
A.V. Moshirnia (USA)
532-080 Scheduling Duty Cycles in Differentiated Sensor Networks
M. Naznin, X. Du, and K.E. Nygard (USA)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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The relevant topics for this conference include, but are not limited to, the following: Knowledge Acquisition and Maintenance; Knowledge Representation; Knowledge Management; Ontologies; Knowledge Discovery; Knowledge and Information Retrieval; Machine Learning; Data and Text Mining; Multimedia Databases; Parallel and Distributed Systems and Processing; Concurrent Engineering; Software Engineering; Data and Knowledge Visualization; Collaborative Systems; Technologies and Tools for Collaboration; Technology Transfer; Collaborative System Design; Intelligent Agents; Web-based Collaboration; Collaborative Strategies; Collaborative Decision-making; Multimedia Collaboration; Internet-based Technologies; Mobile and Wireless Communication; Security and Confidentiality; Cooperative Robotics; Virtual Environments; and Applications.

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