Experiences from Generating Checklists

J.K. Kokkoniemi (Finland)


Experience knowledge, knowledge management, checklists, software inspection


This paper focuses on the observations and experiences 1gained from the use and generation of checklists in partner companies within two research projects. During the projects, checklists formed the main focus for study, but other experience knowledge based artifacts were also examined, and the practice was developed, in terms of how experience knowledge based artifacts can be generated in view of their knowledge management based aspects. Checklists have been studied not only considering their main purpose of finding defects when inspecting software products, but also when collecting experiences from companies. Checklists have been observed to act as experience knowledge collecting tools and experience knowledge transfer tools, as well as software process development tools. The main objectives of this paper are to make observations concerning the generation and use of checklists, and to give recommendations about how checklists can be exploited.

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