A Challenge for Knowledge Management: Situational and Personal Factors of Influence in Web-based Information Exchange

J. Kimmerle, U. Cress, and F.W. Hesse (Germany)


Knowledge Management, web-based information ex change, situational factors, personal factors, computer supported collaboration


Web-based information exchange is described as a social dilemma. In five experimental studies various factors are examined which influence persons’ decision behavior in this dilemma. On the one hand we address situational factors at which we examine both structural and psycho logical solutions. The psychological approach focuses on the application of a group-awareness tool. On the other hand we consider the role which certain personality factors play in this information-exchange dilemma. Here we focus on Interpersonal Trust and on Self-Monitoring as well as on how these traits interact with the awareness tool. Concluding, the results are summarized and their importance for computer-supported collaboration situations are discussed.

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