MAPROK: A Multi-Agent Architecture to Develop KM Systems

J.P. Soto, A. VizcaĆ­no, J. Portillo, and M. Piattini (Spain)


Software Agents, Knowledge Management Systems.


The goal of this paper is to illustrate that the usage of software agents can be beneficial in the development of systems to manage knowledge. Considering that knowledge is distributed throughout different sources and has a heterogeneous nature, agent technology may be interestingly applied to this problem, since multi-agent systems are often distributed and agents have proactive and reactive features which are very useful for Knowledge Management Systems (KMS). This paper describes an approach that allows us to build robust and adaptable KM systems by using a multi-agent architecture. This architecture is called MAPROK (a Multi-agent Architecture to PROcess Knowledge) which uses specialized autonomous agents for specific services and allows agents to interact in order to support the main knowledge processes.

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