Experience Report: Off-Shore Software Development in the Classroom

K. Berkling, A. Zundel, N. Bentiné, E. Rivera, and F. Rodriguez (USA)


Off-shore software development, software engineering, education


Managing software development projects is a difficult task as it spans two vastly different areas in a company from business to information technology. In addition, off shore software development projects are becoming increasingly common. The added physical distance between collaborating teams compounds communication challenges that have been identified as one of the most important risk factors in Software Development Projects. Special training, tools, methodologies and work-habits are necessary for members of distributed teams. In this paper we describe how this training can be accomplished in the classroom by describing the experiences gained in the Software Engineering II Master Degree Course at Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. A practical off shoring software development project was executed and is described and the student learning experience is evaluated.

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