Water Demand Models for Beijing

M. Jacobi, D. Karimanzira, M. Heβ, T. Rauschenbach, and C. Ament (Germany)


Decision support system, Impact-model, water demand forecast, demography, prediction


Rapid population and economic growth requires an opti mal management of the utility systems and infrastructure, especially water supply systems. The joint project “Water management System for Beijing” between China and Ger many conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for informa tion and data processing IITB focuses on this issue for the Olympic Games 2008 and thereafter. The optimization of water circulation systems for long lasting water supply re quires the knowledge of the water, which enters (surface-, groundwater) and the water disposed from the system (re quired by the consumers). One effect, which makes the op timal water planning for Beijing so difficult is the irregular rainfall in the region throughout the year. In context of this paper several water demand models for the three principal consumer groups agriculture, industry and household were developed. The models take social, socio-economical, po litical and economical factors into account. Therefore, with the knowledge of the development of these factors, the fu ture water demand can be forecasted.

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