Environmental Modelling and Simulation    (EMS 2006)

November 29 – December 1, 2006
St. Thomas, USVI, USA
Editor(s): H. Q. Tian
144 pages
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Track Modelling Water Systems FreeSubscription
556-015 Water Demand Models for Beijing
M. Jacobi, D. Karimanzira, M. Heβ, T. Rauschenbach, and C. Ament (Germany)
556-018 Analysis of Spillway Erosion Rate Parameters
M.L. Neilsen, D.M. Temple, and J.L. Wibowo (USA)
556-025 Modeling Stream Flow using SWAT with Different Soil and Land Cover Geospatial Datasets
G.C. Heathman and M. Larose (USA)
556-050 Three-Dimensional, Unsteady, Hydrodynamic Modeling of the Circulation WITHIN the South Arm of The Great Salt Lake
R. Spall (USA)
556-060 Can a Bivariate AR(1) Process Model the Variability of the Inflow into Stochastic Reservoirs?
A. Eriksson and D. Preve (Sweden)
556-802 Groundwater Remediation by Permeable Absorbing Barriers to Capture Hexavalent Chrome Plume
M. Di Natale, R. Greco, and D. Musmarra (Italy)
Track Air Pollution and Risk Assessment FreeSubscription
556-020 Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Idling Car Exposure
A. McNabola, B.M. Broderick, and L.W. Gill (Ireland)
556-023 Application of a Dynamic Computational GIS Modeling Methodology for Exposure and Dose Risk Assessment
G. Magro (UK), S. Scarpanti, M. Sumini, and F. Teodori (Italy)
556-051 Coagulation and Atmospheric Dispersion of Polydisperse Aerosols
A.T. Celada and A. Salcido (Mexico)
556-058 Airborne Transport of Saharan Dust to the Mediterranean and to the Atlantic
K.A. Pericleous, S. Plainiotis, and B.E.A. Fisher (UK)
556-059 Critical Load of Sulpher in Thailand
J.M. Santisirisomboon and J. Santisirisomboon (Thailand)
556-069 Climate Impacts on China's Terrestrial Carbon Cycle: An Assessment with the Dynamic Land Ecosystem Model
G. Chen, H. Tian, M. Liu, W. Ren, C. Zhang, and S. Pan (USA)
Track Modelling Methods and Application FreeSubscription
556-006 Fast Simulation of Lightning for 3D Games
J. Bryan and S.K. Semwal (USA)
556-009 Economics of Pasture-Raised Beef: An Application of @RISK and Stochastic Modeling
J. Evans and G. D'Souza (USA)
556-043 Optimal Control Strategies to Reduce Sea Lion Bycatch in Squid Fishing
D.I. Wilson and M. Soboil (New Zealand)
556-064 Multi-Objective Hydro-Thermal Environmental/Economic Dispatch using Evolutionary Algorithm
M. Trivedi and E. Makram (USA)
556-065 Virtual System for Bora Wind Analysis
Z. Gorup (Slovenia)
556-070 Map Building and Monitoring for Environmental Information Gathering based on Intelligent Networked Robots
H. Sasaki and N. Kubota (Japan)
Track Modelling Biological/Ecological Systems FreeSubscription
556-017 Modeling the Effects of Stresses on Dynamics of Bat Rabies
D.T. Dimitrov, T.G. Hallam, and G.F. McCracken (USA)
556-024 Technology and Simulation of Bat Population Dynamics
T.G. Hallam, A. Raghavan, D.T. Dimitrov, P. Federico, and H. Qi (USA)
556-031 Simulating Trees using Fractals and L-Systems
E.M. Church and S.K. Semwal (USA)
556-048 Applications of Bayesian Networks in Ecological Modeling
R. Mead, J. Paxton, and R. Sojda (USA)
556-052 A Synthetic Approach Towards the Understanding of Evolution
T. Ishikawa and K. Nakano (Japan)
556-801 Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Estuarine Fish Communities Relative to Habitat Structure and Freshwater Inflow
S.D. Whaley, C.W. Harmak, and B.A. Robertson (USA)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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