Critical Load of Sulpher in Thailand

J.M. Santisirisomboon and J. Santisirisomboon (Thailand)


Atmosphere; maximum critical loads of sulphur; sulphur deposition; acid rain.


The maximum critical loads of sulfur in Thailand are estimated by using the steady state mass balance approach. Four essential parameters needed for the estimation are base cation weathering rate, base cation deposition, base cation uptake and critical leaching of acid neutralization capacity. As the rate of decomposition of litterfall in tropical country like Thailand is higher than the countries that located in the temperate zone, therefore, the biogeochemical cycle is incorporated in the estimation of maximum critical load of sulfur. In this study, the estimated values of critical leaching of acid neutralization capacity are adjusted by using the coefficient of biogeochemical cycling. This coefficient is used to deduct the amount of base cation that is already accounted in the base cation uptake and prevent a double counting of base cation input to the ecosystem.

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