Virtual System for Bora Wind Analysis

Z. Gorup (Slovenia)


Virtual instruments, microbarometer, data acquisition systems, monitoring, signal processing


A relatively simple but practical approach of pressure analysis is used in a virtual system. It is composed of precise pressure transducer (PPT), standard data acquisition (DAQ) card, and LabVIEW environment. Signals of PPT are conditioned, acquired, and analyzed under control of particular virtual instrument (VI). Small pressure variations during the Bora wind need a unique signal conditioning electronics. Some major requirements are: linearity and the reduction of noise, changeable and adjustable user interface, configurability of the system and analytical tools for data elaboration. Sufficient linearity is obtained with an appropriate PPT with pertaining application specific integrated circuit (ASIC). Some efficient methods for the reduction of noise in electronic circuits are used. The best effect is achieved with the use low noise electronic components, a proper circuit layout and correct cabling and connection. DAQ and analysis is supervised over the front panel of a VI. The principal aim of the analysis is power density function (PDF) obtained over some complex virtual instruments (VIs). Custom designed Power Spectrum Analyzer (PSA) VI offers many useful options: graphical presentation of the power spectrum, automatic finder of significant frequencies, adjustment of data records, windowing and measurements of the noise level.

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