The Effects of Antenna Directivity on UWB Propagation in an Underground Mining Environment

Y. Rissafi and L. Talbi (Canada)


Antenna directivity, path loss, RMS delay spread, UWB measurement, underground mine.


This paper presents results of ultra-wideband (UWB) propagation channel characterization in an underground mining environment over a frequency range of 3 GHz to 10 GHz. The effects of antenna directivity on the path loss propagation and on RMS delay spread were carried out using directional and omnidirectional antennas. Measurement and simulation results show that the path loss exponents in underground environments are larger than their corresponding in indoor environments. Moreover, the directional directional antennas combination, which improves radiation efficiency, reduces the RMS delay spread. Consequently, a maximum transmitted symbol rate in UWB underground channel is expected.

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