Antennas, Radar, and Wave Propagation    (ARP 2007)

May 30 – June 1, 2007
Montreal, QC, Canada
Editor(s): J. Yao
260 pages
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Track Radio Over Fiber Technologies and Applications FreeSubscription
566-019 FDTD Analysis on PBG via Structures Printed on CPW Lines
M.-S. Tong and T.-G. Chang (Korea)
566-047 Signal Correlation in Multiple Antenna Ultra Wideband Indoor Channels
C. Sturm, M. Porebska, G. Adamiuk, and W. Wiesbeck (Germany)
566-812 Theoretical Analysis of UWB Pulse Generation based on Phase Modulation to Intensity Modulation Conversion
Q. Wang and J. Yao (Canada)
566-813 The Effects of Antenna Directivity on UWB Propagation in an Underground Mining Environment
Y. Rissafi and L. Talbi (Canada)
566-814 Design of a Tunable UWB Delay-Line with Nanosecond Excursions using Chirped Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures
J.D. Schwartz, D.V. Plant, and J. Azaña (Canada)
Track Progresses in Time Domain Electromagnetics and Ultra Wideband (UWB) Technology FreeSubscription
566-066 Microwave Transmission by Directly Modulating an Ultra-Long Doped Fiber External Cavity Semiconductor Laser
R. Liu, K. Wu, and R. Kashyap (Canada)
566-807 Application of Radio over Fiber Technology to Enable Converged Optical and Wireless Next Generation Networking
M. Marciniak (Poland)
566-809 Cost Effective Solutions for Flexible Radio-over-Fiber Transmission Systems
A. Kaszubowska-Anandarajah and L. Barry (Ireland)
566-810 Low Distortion Transmission of 802.11a/n Signals in Amplified Radio Over Fibre Links with Modulator Bias Optimization
M.M. Sisto, F. Vacondio, S. LaRochelle, and L.A. Rusch (Canada)
566-811 Simulation and Measurement of Intermodulation Induced by Chirp-Dispersion Interaction in Radio-over-Fiber Systems
L. Rosa, D. Passaro, S. Selleri, G. Tartarini, P. Faccin, and E.M. Fabbri (Italy)
Track Radar FreeSubscription
566-014 Communications Duration with Low Earth Orbiting Satellites
S. Cakaj (Kosovo), W. Keim (Austria), and K. Malarić (Croatia)
566-016 Determination of Target Coordinates in the Forward-Scattering Radar with Mobile Positions
A.B. Blyakhman, A.V. Myakinkov, A.G. Ogurtsov, and A.G. Ryndyk (Russia)
566-025 Extraction of Scattering Centers of Vehicles by Ray-Tracing Simulations
K. Schuler and W. Wiesbeck (Germany)
566-026 High Accuracy Calibration Instruments for the Terrasar-X Commissioning Phase
R. Lenz and W. Wiesbeck (Germany)
566-027 The Mathematical Model of the Terrain Clutter for Phase-Doppler Radar
V.S. Verba, V.A. Gandurin, and A.V. Sokolov (Russia)
566-036 Signal Space Analysis of IS-95 CDMA and Target Parameter Estimation using Sliding Spectrum Detection
B.R. Joshi and L.-H. Zou (USA)
566-037 Sea Clutter Characterization in UWB Forward Scattering Radar
M. Cherniakov (UK), C. Hu (PRC), and M. Gashinova (UK)
566-051 New Concepts for Through the Wall Radar using Multiple UWB Antennas
P. Millot, N. Maaref, G. Autret, C. Pichot, J.-Y. Dauvignac, and O. Picon (France)
566-061 Weighted Spectral Estimation for Nonuniformly Sampled Radar Signals
C. Lemke and T. Mahr (Germany)
566-069 Imaging THz Radar for Security Applications
A. Semenov, H. Richter, U. Böttger, (Germany), A. Smirnov (Russia), and H.-W. Hübers (Germany)
566-071 Performance Evaluation of a Simplified Bi-Level MHT Algorithm in Tracking Maneuvering Targets
M. Duan, H. Meng, X. Wang, and X. Song (PRC)
566-082 Design Problems of Rescue-Radar
I.A. Vyzmitinov, Y.I. Myroshnychenko, O.V. Sytnik, and Y.A. Kopylov (Ukraine)
566-088 Feasibility of STAP for Passive DVB-T-based Radar
J. Raout, J. Dulost (France), and X. Neyt (Belgium)
566-089 Ultra-Wideband Breast Cancer Detection Radar
K.N. Modha, G. Dimitrakis, B. Hayes-Gill, and I. Harrison (UK)
566-091 Structured Covariance Matrix Estimation for the Range-Dependent Problem in STAP
X. Neyt, P. Druyts, M. Acheroy, and J.G. Verly (Belgium)
566-099 Ground based Synthetic Aperture Radar based on Chaotic and Noise Waveforms
K. Lukin and A. Mogila (Ukraine)
566-801 A 46.7-46.9 GHz CMOS MMIC Power Amplifier for Automotive Radar Applications
B. Wicks, E. Skafidas, I. Mareels, and R. Evans (Australia)
Track Wave Propagation FreeSubscription
566-021 Application of a New Measurement Protocol to Radiobase Stations (Studio Case in Bs. As. Argentina)
R. Saint Nom, B. Alvarez Ovide, and C.M. Munoz (Argentina)
566-022 A Domain Decomposition Method for Waveguide Horn Problems using the Finite Element Method
P. Paul and J.P. Webb (Canada)
566-024 A New Crossbar Embedded Structure for Improved Attenuation Characteristics on Lossy Media
Y. Kim (Korea)
566-033 Ultrawideband Pulse Penetration in a Debye Medium with Static Conductivity
N.A. Cartwright and K.E. Oughstun (USA)
566-046 Hydrometeor Attenuation Distributions at 58 GHz and 93 GHz Obtained on an 850 m Path
V. Kvicera, M. Grabner, and O. Fiser (Czech Republic)
566-057 Millimeter-Wave Indoor Channel Characterization for Broadband Wireless Local Area Networks
S. Geng and P. Vainikainen (Finland)
566-064 Electromagnetic Wave Absorber using Composites with Glass Fabric and Epoxy
W.-Y. Choi, J.-W. Lee, S.-H. Ahn, J.-H. Park, and Y.-S. Choi (Korea)
566-076 On Specific Absorption Rates in the Human Mucous Membrane with Conducting Spectacles at Mobile Phone Frequencies by FDTD Simulation
W.G. Whittow and R.M. Edwards (UK)
566-084 Proposed Wireless System Technique using a Free Propagation Model for Measurement of Signal Level Contents in a Real Wireless System
M.A. Betini Pereira, H. Tertuliano Filho, C.A. Dartora, H. Silva Mattos, and A.Y. Igarashi (Brazil)
566-806 Reducing Numerical Limitations in Time-Reversal Simulations
I. Scott, A. Vukovic, and P. Sewell (UK)
Track Antennas FreeSubscription
566-028 Dual-Slot Structure Corrugated Horn for Ku/Ka Dual-Band
X. Jia, F. Fan, and Z. Yan (PRC)
566-034 HF Skywave Spatially Diverse Waveform Radar: Transmitter Subsystem Implementation Issues
B.A. Johnson, Y.I. Abramovich, and G.J. Frazer (Australia)
566-038 WDM Fiber-Optic True Time-Delay using Multi-Wavelength Source
B.-M. Jung, J.-D. Shin, and B.-G. Kim (Korea)
566-048 A Wide-Scan Phased Array Antenna for a Small Active Electronically Scanned Array
B. Svensson and J. Wingard (Sweden)
566-060 Spherical Near-Field Measurements of a Spherical Array Antenna
L. Marantis, E. De Witte, and P.V. Brennan (UK)
566-067 Integrated Micro-Coaxial Passive Components for Millimeter-Wave Antenna Front Ends
K. Vanhille, M. Lukic, S. Rondineau, D. Filipovic, and Z. Popovic (USA)
566-077 A Novel Design of Compact Half U-Slot Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Local Area Network Applications
S.B. Deosarkar and A.A. Ghatol (India)
566-086 Design of a Broadband Switched-Beam Antenna Array with Reduced Mutual Coupling Effects for Wireless Communication
Y.-T. Kuo, J.-S. Sun, C.-K. Hu, and Y.-C. Lee (Taiwan)
566-087 Design, Realization and Measurement of a UWB Radar Patch Array Antenna
L. Rosa, A. Cucinotta, S. Selleri, M.J. Arpaio, and G. Napoli (Italy)
566-090 New Generation Mobile Phone Antenna and Its Interaction with the Human Body
M.A. Mellah (France)
566-800 Optical Phase and Amplitude Control for Beamforming with Multiwavelength Gires-Tournois Bragg Grating Cavities
M.M. Sisto, M.E.M. Pasandi, S. Doucet, S. LaRochelle, and L.A. Rusch (Canada)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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The topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Antennas and Antenna Arrays - * Smart Antennas * Micro Strip Antennas * Antenna-coupled Infrared Detectors * Micro Machined Monolithic Antennas * Phased-array Antennas * Fractal Element Antennas * Reflector Antennas * Beam Scanning Capability * Photonics in Antenna Systems * MEMS Components * Modelling * Performance Evaluation; Radar - * SAR / ISAR * Chaotic Signal Radar * MTI Radar * STAP * Super-Resolution Algorithms * Multiple Hypothesis Tracking * Beam Forming * Detection and Target ID Algorithms * Signal Processing * Radar Imaging; Wave Propagation - * Satellite Propagation * Atmospheric Propagation * Indoor and Urban Propagation * Audio Propagation in Cellular Networks * Scattering, Diffraction, and Diversity * Wave Penetration * Bio-Electromagnetics; Materials and Structures - * Microwave Materials * Electromagnetic Properties of Materials * Metamaterials * Periodic Structures * Band-Gap Structures * FSS * RF-MEMS * Waveguides * RF Circuit Components; Microwave Metrology - * Instruments and Techniques for Measuring Impedance * Noise * Power * Time * Frequency * Voltage * Current * Scattering Parameters * Biological Effects; Computational Electromagnetics - * Propagation Modelling * Scattering and Inverse Scattering Problems * CAD * Channel Modelling * Meshing Strategy * Multipole Methods * Method of Moments * Wavelet-based Methods * Finite Element Analysis.

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