FDTD Analysis on PBG via Structures Printed on CPW Lines

M.-S. Tong and T.-G. Chang (Korea)


PBG structures, conductive vias, FDTD method


There have recently been a number of studies on the photonic band-gap (PBG) structures in microelectronics and communications areas. In most of the studies, the PBG filtering behaviour was fulfilled by a periodic pattern of perforations on the ground planes of microstrip lines. However, similar band-gap characteristics can also be realized by using a periodic pattern of conducting pins, which are commonly called vias, printed on the transmission-lines. In this article, some PBG structures using such via arrangements implemented on coplanar waveguide (CPW) lines are proposed and analyzed by a well-known numerical method, the finite difference time domain (FDTD) method. In addition, a chirping-and tapering technique is employed onto the PBG pattern to further enhance the stop-band region and to suppress the side-lobes in the low frequency region. Results show a good band-gap behaviour on the given via structures. The proposed PBG via structures may be applied in the microelectronics and communications areas.

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