Signal Correlation in Multiple Antenna Ultra Wideband Indoor Channels

C. Sturm, M. Porebska, G. Adamiuk, and W. Wiesbeck (Germany)


Wave propagation, ultra wideband (UWB), signal correlation


In order to optimize the performance of multiple antenna systems for communications applications it is desirable to have little correlation between the signals at the different receiving antennas. This can be achieved by choosing appropriate antenna characteristics and positions. For ultra wideband (UWB) applications this task is even more challenging, since correlation coefficients are dependent on frequency. This paper presents an investigation of the correlation of the signals among the elements of a linear antenna array in an UWB indoor propagation scenario. For this purpose both a theoretic approach as well as an approach based on propagation simulations are applied and the obtained results are compared to verification measurement results from a real indoor scenario. It turns out that signal correlation severely depends on the position of the antenna array inside the room. With a dedicated placement of the antenna array pretty low correlation coefficients can be obtained over the entire frequency range regulated by the FCC for UWB applications.

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