Simulation and Measurement of Intermodulation Induced by Chirp-Dispersion Interaction in Radio-over-Fiber Systems

L. Rosa, D. Passaro, S. Selleri, G. Tartarini, P. Faccin, and E.M. Fabbri (Italy)


Radio over Fiber, Distributed Antenna Systems, Optical Modulation Index, Intercept Point, Chirp, Adiabatic Chirp Coefficent.


Intermodulation induced by chirp-dispersion interaction, a major issue in radio over fiber link deployment, is mod eled through a simulation code. Comparison with mea sured intercept point results shows successful matching within 1 dB. The adiabatic chirp coefficient is studied under the influence of the physical parameters of a semiconduc tor diode laser in order to determinate an optimal working point for a direct optical modulation. Finally the injection locking technique is proposed in order to reduce the chirp coefficient of the laser.

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