Microwave Transmission by Directly Modulating an Ultra-Long Doped Fiber External Cavity Semiconductor Laser

R. Liu, K. Wu, and R. Kashyap (Canada)


External cavity laser, doped fiber, direct modulation, roundtrip resonant frequency, microwave transmission


Direct modulation of an external cavity semiconductor laser is usually limited to relatively low frequencies due to the cavity round trip time. This limits the applications for most long cavity lasers. With a saturable absorber inside the cavity, direct modulation can be implemented at multiples of cavity round-trip frequency. In this paper, experimental results are presented on the direct modulation response of an ultra-long doped fiber external cavity semiconductor laser (DFECL). The DFECL can be directly modulated at 22 multiples of the cavity round-trip resonant frequency. At 2.4GHz, a ~10 MHz bandwidth modulated microwave signal is transmitted by this DFECL. The results indicate that the ultra-long DFECL can be directly modulated usefully at a high frequency.

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