A 46.7-46.9 GHz CMOS MMIC Power Amplifier for Automotive Radar Applications

B. Wicks, E. Skafidas, I. Mareels, and R. Evans (Australia)


CMOS, millimeterwave integrated circuits, power amplifier, automotive radar


Worldwide, every year more that 1.2 million people die and 50 million people are injured worldwide in automobile accidents [1]. Automotive manufacturers are introducing radar systems to help reduce the number of road accidents. In order to achieve low cost it is important to build radar systems that are integrated on one chip. One of the components that presents a significant impediment to this vision is the power amplifier. In this paper a CMOS millimeter-wave integrated circuit (MMIC) power amplifier (PA) designed for automotive radar applications and able to be integrated with the rest of the electronics is reported. This MMIC chip was fabricated on a 0.13-┬Ám standard bulk CMOS technology with a 1.6-V supply voltage and demonstrated a measured small-signal gain of over 15.5 dB in channel, 46.7 to 46.9 GHz, with a 3-dB bandwidth of 44.5 GHz to 48 GHz. The 1-dB compression point is greater than 1 dBm, saturated output power is greater than 1.5 dBm. This is the only reported CMOS PA designed for operation in the 46.7-46.9 GHz automotive radar band.

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