Determination of Target Coordinates in the Forward-Scattering Radar with Mobile Positions

A.B. Blyakhman, A.V. Myakinkov, A.G. Ogurtsov, and A.G. Ryndyk (Russia)


Forwardscattering radar, mobile positions, target tracking.


The paper deals with the iterative target tracking algorithm based on the maximum likelihood method for bistatic forward scattering radar (FSR) with mobile positions. The estimates of potential target coordinate measurement accuracy are obtained. The particularities of the FSR with mobile positions in respect to the radar with static positions are considered. It is shown that potential accuracy of moving target coordinate determination in FSR with mobile positions is close to potential accuracy in FSR with static positions. Moreover, additional possibility to determine coordinates of static objects is provided in the case of mobile positions. The results of theoretical calculations are presented in comparison with mathematical modeling results.

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