Design Problems of Rescue-Radar

I.A. Vyzmitinov, Y.I. Myroshnychenko, O.V. Sytnik, and Y.A. Kopylov (Ukraine)


RescueRadar, continuoussignal radars, ambiguity function, propagation environment, multiplicative unstationarity processes, pseudorandom signal, correlation function, periodically correlated processes, spectralcorrelation function.


The main problems arising to design continuous-signal rescue-radars are discussed. The block-diagram of a rescue-radar, signal processing and specific radars design are presented. In signal processing it is propoused to employ the multiplicative unstationarity processes model with shared variables. When synthesizing the algorithms for detecting recognizing and identifying objects it is necessary to make use of periodically correlated processes model. The experimental datas to detecting human heartbeat and breathing are presented.

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