Feasibility of STAP for Passive DVB-T-based Radar

J. Raout, J. Dulost (France), and X. Neyt (Belgium)


Radar, bistatic, DVBT, STAP, JDL, D3.


In this paper, we examine the feasibility of applying Space Time Adaptive Processing (STAP) to bistatic passive radars using Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial (DVB-T) illu minators of opportunity. Although STAP has been exten sively applied to signals from pulse-Doppler radars, it was never applied to arbitrary signals arising from illuminators of opportunity. We show that by working on the appro priate mixing product, we essentially convert the signal of opportunity to a pulse-Doppler like signal, hence making the application of STAP methods possible. We finally con firm these theoretical results by simulations made from real measurements.

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