Signal Space Analysis of IS-95 CDMA and Target Parameter Estimation using Sliding Spectrum Detection

B.R. Joshi and L.-H. Zou (USA)


Passive Radar, Signal Space Method, and SSD


Passive radar system utilizes signal transmitted from a ‘non-cooperative’ illuminator for the detection and estimation of the target parameters. It is essential that a basis is required to investigate and analyze such illuminator characteristics and determine whether it will be appropriate to use as a source of passive radar signal. This paper focuses on development of Signal Space Method to explore an illuminator characteristics for passive radar system and is illustrated with the simulation and analysis of IS-95 CDMA signal. Feasibility analysis of IS-95 CDMA signal for passive radar system is further investigated with the simulation of single and multiple target parameter estimation using novel DSP based receiver algorithm called Sliding Spectrum Detection (SSD).

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