A New Crossbar Embedded Structure for Improved Attenuation Characteristics on Lossy Media

Y. Kim (Korea)


MIS transmission line, FDTD technique, Embedded crossbar structure, substrate shielding, quality factor.


A general characterization procedure based on the extraction of the characteristic impedance and propagation constant for analyzing a single MIS(Metal Insulator-Semiconductor) transmission line used. In this paper, an analysis for a new substrate shielding MIS structure consisting of grounded crossbars at the interface between Si and Sio2 layer using the Finite-Difference Time-Domain(FDTD) technique is presented. In order to reduce the substrate effects on the transmission line characteristics, a shielding structure consisting of grounded crossbar lines over time-domain signal has been examined. The extracted, distributed frequency-dependent transmission line parameters and corresponding equivalent circuit parameters as well as quality factor have been examined as function of frequency. It is shown that the quality factor of the transmission line can be improved without significant changes in the characteristic impedance and effective dielectric constant.

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